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Patient Reviews

As a Dentist, I have the opportunity to see the results of many orthodontists. Dr. Patil's patients had the teeth in perfect alignment, so I chose to have him treat my child. I was assuming treatment would take 2-3 years; much to my surprise, Dr. Patil described his technique that allows for faster treatment times, predicting 18 months. It has been 14 months and we are now in the stage of perfecting tooth position. Dr. Patil's experience as a cosmetic dentist shows in his finishing treatment of patients. We are so happy and pleased with the results – Micheal

Highly Recommend Dr. Patil

I just got my braces off and what Dr. Patil was able to accomplish was amazing. I highly recommend this orthodontist and staff! Thank you all so much. – David Dowen

Thank you for the beautiful smile! Thank you for providing Jenna both comfort and confidence throughout this first phase of braces. Thank you for your honesty on which treatment we should follow. I am confident in your experience. Your entire staff is exceptional, caring, professional and friendly. Looking forward to returning in the future. – Brooke W

I am very satisfied with the alignment plan developed by Dr Patil. My Daughter faced a fairly complex path, but Dr Patil's plan progressed right on schedule with excellent results. Dr Patil has a great combination of deep academic training, professional approach to doing the job right and great customer service to boot. Not only that but he is backed by a professional staff. I'm happy to give a five star rating. – Tim Ritty

Dr. Patil has been amazing. My experience here has been nothing short of the best. I felt a part of the decisions. My estimated time in braces was originally 28-30 months. It has been about 14 months and my teeth look amazing. I don't think I would have the results I do in the same amount of time with any other orthodontist. I was not just another patient to Dr. Patil, I was a person who he helped. I'm very grateful to have had such a creative and intelligent orthodontist. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of an attentive and caring orthodontist. – Adrianna L Rivera

Dr.Patil and his staff are the BEST! My daughter's teeth look so beautiful. She is always smiling to show off her new smile! I would definitely recommend Dr.Patil to any family, his entire team made my 9year old feel so comfortable every time she came in. Thank you so much! – Niki Finch

We had a great experience at the office and we're so happy to be a part of Patil Ortho. Always a very friendly staff with flexible appointment times. So happy with Zoë's teeth, they look amazing in a short amount of time. – Zoe Hansen

Dr. Patil is wonderful with kids, and his staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you. - Jennifer

My two sons have been in excellent care with Dr. Patil. He was so thorough during our pre visits and set up an easy payment plan. I was most impressed that with each check up he offered a review of where we've been to where we've come. He explained expected adjustments and timelines and both kids were into retainers quickly. He paid attention to my kiddo too-making them laugh and be at ease. They liked him and therefore followed his plan with rubber bands etc without reminders. The girls in the office were also fun to chat with and always checking in with mom;)I will definitely be back with the next two! – Katie Wolver

Thanks for all of your input on our daughter's braces. Your excellent services are top notch. I will recommend Dr. Patil to all my coworkers and friends. I look forward to returning for my daughter's second tier of her braces. Thank you for everything. - Allen A. Albright

Dr. Patil did a wonderful job with my daughter's braces. She's ready for the next step of her treatment, and in a few weeks her team of dentists will be working together on her case, in person. He has shown great commitment to the success of her treatment. Excellent communication with me and her regular dentist. - Maria Joesaar

I am glad to have had Dr. Patil as my orthodontist. I received excellent and detailed instructions for the best results, possible. The treatment was very simple to execute as a patient and I am very satisfied with my results! – Dean Moser

As daunting as it was to get braces as an adult, Dr. Patil made it a great overall experience. I had a deadline to have my braces off by a certain date and he did a wonderful job getting the results I was looking for in the limited time I gave him. I couldn't be happier with the results! Thank you for making the process as least painful as possible! - Valerie Murphy

This letter is written to express our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation for the superb work you have done on Elena's teeth. We have been used to good dentistry, but we feel that your work is a level above that which we have experienced in the past. In addition, you are very caring and thoughtful, and have a great deal of patience; you carefully answered all our questions and made sure we knew what to expect, and what the risks, etc. were. That attitude was also greatly appreciated! - Tom Wallis

Dr. Patil has an honest, efficient and effective practice. He will not just put braces on your child to make money. He will honestly assess the situation and give his educated opinion and course of action. We appreciate a practice that operates with integrity! - Laura V

At first I was really scared about getting braces, but Dr. Patil made me feel a lot less scared because he was very nice and easy to get along with. He also made my treatment time go by so fast, because I was always excited to go to my appointments. I enjoyed my time there and my experience was a blast. Having braces, i've learned, is a lot of hard work, but it pays off in the end. I definitely wouldn't change this experience for the world. I loved everyone at the clinic, and I will miss them all very much. After the final result, I'm definitely not as self conscious about my teeth and my smile because they both look amazing! I have so much more confidece now, its unbelievable the drastic transformation i've seen in my teeth. I'm very happy to have had Dr. Patil as my doctor, He did an amazing job! So, Thanks Dr. Patil! - Kristina Light


Please let Dr. Patil know how grateful I am for him removing the wire off Gracie’s loose tooth on his way out of town. That kind of customer service is above and beyond and I really appreciated it. I honestly thought it was way looser than it was, but just handling it made the weekend less stressful knowing it could come out and not have any issues.
You guys are the best! Have a great day! – L.K.

Being older than the average patient getting braces (I am now 60 yrs old) I cannot say enough about Dr. Patil and his fabulous staff. The warmth and care that has been shown by Dr. Patil and the staff has made my orthodontic experience a very pleasant one. – Barb T


Dr. Patil is absolutely amazing! His skill and knowledge is exquisite. All three of my kids have beyond the run of the mill brace cases. He is very professional and is great at patient and parent education through the process. All of his staff is exceptional as well! I highly recommend Dr. Patil. - Gleena Shearer

Dr. Patil was sensitive to my needs as an adult patient. He provided me with information about my treatment so I could both make informed decisions and stay updated about my progress. I was especially thankful that he proactively looked for ways to accelerate my treatment while not compromising my treatment. Dr. Patil's approach takes not only your teeth into account, but also the overall structure of your face for the best possible cosmetic results. I'm glad I chose Dr. Patil! – Jessica F.

Dr. Patil just took it to another level. He is not only a very competent orthodontist but a very caring human being. As hard as it is nowadays to run a small business, he manages to not only maintain the highest level of service, and to always put the best interests of his patients above anything, but also to instill a culture of competence and care for the patient through the entire practice. Thank you, Dr. Patil! – Kamen Guentchev


As always thank you for your excellent work. - Kevin Fielder

Great group of people. Awesome experience. And best of all my daughter has beautiful teeth. Dr. Patil is wonderful. - Sheri Alvarado

Dr. Patil has done a remarkable job with my daughter's teeth, saving her from potential horrible and painful surgery later in life. We thank you Sir! - Kyle H.

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Patil's office. I have had the opportunity to have both of my kids under the care of this very capable, caring office and staff. I wouldn't consider anyone else. Simply the best! – DeMarie Niedling

There are absolutely no words to describe how happy you have made me. You have made my dream come true! You did such a wonderful job of giving me the straight and beautiful smile that I have wanted for so long. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into making my smile as perfect as possible, even though I know it was quite a challenge. I could not have asked for a better orthodontic experience even though it was not always easy or fun. I want you to know how much I appreciate the many times you went out of your way to help me and make me as comfortable as possible. Again, I thank you so much and I hope you realize how much you have impacted my life and that I became a much more confident person all because of you. - Sarah Ball

As an adult considering braces for the first time I was a little apprehensive. I didn't know what to expect and was unsure of what my treatment would consist of. Dr. Patil quickly put me at ease. He walked my through every step of the process, explaining at each appointment what the treatment would consist of and the results he expected to achieve. Always making sure I was aware and comfortable with the progress I was making. Now after completing the treatment I am thrilled with the results. My expectations were exceeded and I no longer smile with my mouth closed or hide when pictures are being taken. Because of the care I received from Dr. Patil I have a smile I can be proud of. - Jamie Enyart

As a dentist myself, I am very sensitive to my experiences at other's offices. However, my recent visit to your office was worthy of praise. First, I was impressed by the professionalism and demeanor of our staff. Your assistant was very attentive and made me feel comfortable from the moment I arrived in your office. Second, I wanted to commend you on the quality of your dentistry. It is obvious that your clinical technique and high quality materials are continually upgraded to be state of the art. This, combined with a gentle touch and pleasant atmosphere, is truly a rare combination. Thank you for a great experience. - Dr. Jennifer Scott, DDS


Dr. Patil did a great job on my son's braces. The staff is always friendly, and Dr. Patil is very knowledgeable and professional. He was great about not rushing things and just doing what needed to be done when it needed to be done. Great experience. - Mike Haefele


Everyone is always very kind and helpful and it was a pleasant and fun experience for me, because it is a welcoming community that offers exceptional knowledge and service. - Piero Neuert

My daughter's front teeth were looking terrible, when she caught them in a soccer net we decided it was time to get it corrected. We visited several orthodontists before selecting Dr Patil. He fixed her teeth so they look better and her smile is now priceless. The staff is very kid friendly and caring. We still have more orthodontics in Kiera's future due to jaw issues but I know Dr. Patil will continue to monitor and know when it's time. Thanks to the great staff and care! My son will be here too someday. - Karri


Dr. Patil is an expert in his field and has surpassed our expectations when he started treatment on our first daughter. We have decided to have our other two daughters visit his office for evaluation and treatment. His staff is very professional and Dr. Patil is always evaluating the progress and is ready to adjust the treatment to best match the situation and patient needs. I highly recommend Dr. Patil and his staff. – Chris Jensen

 As new patients to Patil Orthodontics in Erie, I am so thankful for the time Dr. Patil has spent explaining treatment to our girls so they understand what to expect and how the process will affect their daily lives. - Lisa Landi

You bring to your work a rare combination of strengths: a commitment to excellence, exceptional caring, technical knowledge and a very high level of skill. It is obvious that you put your whole heart into it. The result for me is a consistently very positive experience. Thank you for being who you are. - Steve Nellis

I have total confidence in you as a dentist who is up on new techniques and a caring doctor. You and your staff make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. - Marnie Vincolisi


Thank you for my beautiful smile, as a tribute to your work, I use it often! Never did I realize what a complete difference your dental work would make in my total health outlook and the way I feel! - Lisa Seward


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