Phase II - Getting Braces

​One or more of the following goals would be set based on a consultation with Dr. Patil:

  • Customize appearance of teeth to your lips (smile design)

  • Customize the size and position to your unique facial features

  • Close gaps

  • Easier to clean avoiding cavities and gum problems

  • Less strain on jaw muscles/joints

  • Potentially decrease TMJ and associated headaches

  • Correct bad bites

  • Improve chewing and food digestion

  • Work towards undoing rotations and turns of front teeth

  • Place teeth above proper strong bone foundations

  • Have braces done at same time as friends

  • Show off a great smile for special occasions: High school pictures, Graduation, Prom, etc.

Teenage years are the best time for braces

"My two sons have been in excellent care with Dr. Patil. He was so thorough during our pre visits and set up an easy payment plan... He explained expected adjustments and timelines and both kids were into retainers quickly. He paid attention to my kiddo too-making them laugh and be at ease. They liked him and therefore followed his plan with rubber bands etc without reminders. The girls in the office were also fun to chat with and always checking in with mom;) I will definitely be back with the next two!"    - Katie

The goal of Phase II Treatment is to make sure each permanent tooth has an exact location in the mouth where it is in harmony with the other teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue, and bite to maximize their appearance and function.  Dr. Patil carefully develops a custom treatment plan that spells out direction, rotation and timing for each specific tooth in order to create an optimal fit with all of the other teeth. Specific goals for treatment are set during a consultation with Dr. Patil and will vary based on each individual case. 

During the pre-teen and teenage years, the bones still have enough flexibility to achieve results that adult bone does not allow.  At the completion of this phase, the teeth and jaws are in their proper locations to allow the best finalization and maturation for long term stability.  The national average in braces is 33 months.  If Phase I was completed with Dr. Patil, we often see this phase last between 12 to 20 months.  Retainer recommendations are made when braces are removed.  We will monitor your success during your no fee retention checks for 9 to 12 months after you achieve the smile of your dreams.