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High-Tech Ceramic Braces for Convenient, Faster Results

State-of-the-art braces that unite modern 3D-printing technology with fully digital treatment planning to provide a great experience as you journey toward a confident, amazing smile.

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We are proud to offer LightForce Braces: a personalized, custom-made solution that conforms precisely to the shape and contour of each tooth. 


LightForce Braces are 3D printed, using sophisticated technology, which means each tooth has a 100% unique bracket made specifically for it.

Lightforce Patient.jpg
LightForce Braces Patient.jpg

What is Special About LIGHTFORCE?

LightForce braces are much more discreet and aesthetically pleasing than metal braces, with a subtle white ceramic finish thanks to a polycrystalline material that blends in beautifully with your natural teeth. 


LightForce also uses indirect bonding, which means the brackets are placed on a model of your teeth in the exact position Dr. Patil has prescribed. Once they're ready, the braces are bonded directly to your teeth. The 3D-printed braces provide the strength and precision necessary to successfully move the teeth and are tailored to the dental anatomy of the individual patient, giving us the most optimal results in less time. LightForce braces are discreet, aesthetically pleasing, more comfortable, and efficient.

Ready to Get STARTED?

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