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Remote Scanning and Messaging with Grin

Professional Testimonials

Virtual Appointments with Grin

Patient Testimonials

Saving Time with More Detailed Attention and Better Treatment

At Patil Orthodontics, our virtual orthodontic treatment between your in-office visits combines an unprecedented level of efficiency and convenience with the highest quality of care.

The Benefits of Virtual Check-ins

One of the biggest concerns people have about getting braces or Invisalign is how much time they’ll spend going to the orthodontist.

Using the Grin App and Scope, the number of in-person visits is greatly reduced while the level of care is extremely high. We review your progress more often and can fine-tune your treatment at each stage!


The Grin App also allows patients to ask questions about their treatment without scheduling an appointment. And viewing your own progress is readily available to you.

Not only do virtual check-ins with Grin reduce the number of trips to the office, it also can reduce how long a patient has braces or Invisalign, because it’s easier to keep treatment on track.

How the Grin App and Scope Work

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Using Grin is easy!

  • Download the App (we will show you how)

  • You will receive notifications from Patil Orthodontics when it is time for a virtual checkup.

  • Attach your Grin scope to your cell phone and record a video of your teeth.

  • Submit the video and any questions or concerns you may have right from your phone.

  • Await any further instructions from Dr. Patil.

Using Grin, you’ll spend less time at our office and more time living your life while improving your smile. Schedule a virtual consult through Smile Snap to learn more today!

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