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Traditionally orthodontic offices set the terms of payment.  We think it's time to change that, so we did.  

Build your plan

Patil Orthodontics allows you to customize your own financial terms.

Peace of mind

Feel the comfort of knowing your plan meets your unique financial situation.

No more headaches

Straightforward and honest financing terms without the confusion.

What's the catch?  Treatment is more than braces, financing is big part of that.  We wanted to create flexibility, that's it.  For real.

Low Down Payment


to start

You may qualify to start orthodontic treatment for as little as $349

Low Monthly Payment

Most monthly payments can go as low as $250 fitting most budgets


per month

Extended Payment Time

Most plans can extend to 24 months, well beyond treatment time



Who is OrthoFi? We partner with this reputable and leading edge company to revolutionalize the way we work with our patients. No worries, this not like a car loan or mortgage payment. Working with them allows us to give you customizable terms that you set.

What about insurance? We factor in any insurance coverage as part of your financial plan and work on your behalf to maximize your benefits. 

If you should have any questions regarding financial options, please do not hesitate to contact our Financial Coordinator

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