Phase I

See orthodontist before age 7 recommended by ADA

One or more of the following goals would be set based on a consultation with Dr. Patil:

  • Potentially eliminate or reduce the need to extract permanent teeth

  • Potential reduction of time spent in teenage braces

  • Potentially prevent the need for surgical jaw corrections later

  • Support correction of harmful oral habits

  • Improve self-esteem during formative years

  • Potentially eliminate need for headgear

  • Support improved speech development

  • Guide permanent teeth into more favorable positions

  • Protect adult teeth as they erupt and grow

  • Support correct growth toward symmetric facial growth and development

  • Increase compliance to treatment before the busy teen years

  • Potential for increased stability of final treatment results 

"Thank you for the beautiful smile! Thank you for providing Jenna both comfort and confidence throughout this first phase of braces. Thank you for your honesty on which treatment we should follow. I am confident in your experience. Your entire staff is exceptional, caring, professional and friendly. Looking forward to returning in the future."    - Parent Google Review

The goal of Phase I Treatment is to develop your child's jaws to make room for the future eruption of permanent teeth, stop any ongoing damage, improve the relationship of the upper and lower jaws (the bite) and generally get your child back on a proper path of growth. Dr. Patil develops a customized growth plan based on the child's baby teeth and permanent teeth as well as jaw development.  Specific goals for treatment are set during a consultation with Dr. Patil and will vary based on each individual case. 


Leaving an early identified condition untreated until all permanent teeth erupt could result in a problem too severe to correct with braces alone. The treatment time for Phase I is typically between 9 to 12 months.  After this, your child will wear retainer(s) and are checked on a customized growth schedule.  These no fee visits are approximately every three to six months apart.  We monitor permanent teeth eruption and jaw growth, as well as maintenance of Phase I results.  Phase II recommendations will occur at the conclusion of this growth observation period.