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Before You Begin

What do I need to know before I begin wearing Invisalign aligners?

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1.  Aligners should be worn 22 hours a day.

In addition to wearing them at night, aligners should remain on your teeth throughout the day except when you are eating or brushing.  


2.  Eating and drinking time might need adjustment.

Keep in mind you have about two hours total per day for the aligners to be out of your mouth. You will want to eat and/or drink during those times! 

3.  Have a tooth brush on you.

You should brush your teeth after you eat and before putting the aligners back in.  You can also keep toothpaste and your aligner case with you. Also, don’t forget to brush your aligners! Proper care will keep them clear.


4.  Stains can occur.

While aligners are much less visible than traditional braces, staining can occur, especially after drinking sodas, orange juice, coffee, black tea, or red wine.  You can prevent staining by brushing your teeth before putting the aligners back in.


5.  Drink lots of water with aligners.

Of course, water keeps you hydrated! And water is the safest beverage you can drink at any time while wearing aligners.  Drinking water is beneficial to dental health and can remove any built-up sugar from beneath your aligners.  


6.  Avoid hot drinks when aligners are in your mouth.

Make sure to take out the aligners for hot drinks, as they can warp the aligners.


7.  Be mindful about drinking alcohol with aligners.

It is best to take out aligners when you are drinking alcoholic beverages. But if you are not able to remove them, you can:  use a straw, drink clear drinks, and also drink lots of water.


8.  Have any questions? Contact Dr. Patil!

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