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Experience and Expertise Combine with Advanced Technology to Customize Braces for Every Smile

Our Metal Braces & Digital Indirect Bonding System (DIBS)

For many patients, traditional metal braces are the best choice for straightening teeth. Metal braces help align the teeth and solve problems, such as bite issues, gaps and spacing issues, tooth protrusions. Today’s metal braces use smaller brackets and wires than what was used in past decades, shortening the length of a person’s treatment. 


Improved techniques and technology have also made modern braces as comfortable and subtle as possible. The archwire running through the brackets is held on by colored bands, which can be customized based on your favorite color, sports team, or holiday! During your free consultation, Dr. Patil can help you decide if traditional metal braces are the best treatment choice for you or your loved one.



There is actually very little that is “traditional” about braces at Patil Orthodontics; in fact, we are certain that your experience with braces here will be very different from what you have come to expect from orthodontics in the past! Our traditional metal braces use Digital Indirect Bonding System, or DIBS technology. DIBS involves high-level 3D-printing technology that allows the ultimate precision when applying brackets to teeth. 


Digital Indirect Bonding System, or DIBS technology, is exact when applying brackets to teeth. The technology used to construct models and trays minimizes room for error in bracket placement. Brackets are connected to a tray modeled after your teeth, which is ultimately used to apply all brackets to your teeth at once. While the traditional process involves applying one bracket to a tooth at a time in a typically strenuous process for both doctor and patient, DIBS manages to greatly reduce the time spent in the chair.

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