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Improving the Patient Experience with the Latest Technology

We are always focused on how to improve the treatment we provide to all of our patients. Here are examples of the orthodontic technology we use every day.

iTero 3D Scanners to Create Digital Models

The iTero 3D scanner allows us to scan your mouth and make a digital model of your teeth!

Digital models are seven times more accurate than any impression technique, meaning your orthodontic appliance, whether it is Invisalign, an expander, or retainer, fits that much better. And the better the fit, the better the treatment and final result will be!


  • No impressions! Anyone with a gag reflex will understand why we avoid the old-school mold impressions.

  • The iTero 3D scanner produces your model onto a screen for our review. Then our computer-aided design & computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software processes your specific digital models.

  • Digital models are either transferred to Invisalign or made in our lab right away, which makes for a quicker turnaround time and an earlier treatment start date.

  • The iTero also allows us to run a simulation for Invisalign, so you can get a glimpse of what your teeth will look like when your treatment is complete.

Retainer and Aligner Manufacturing Center

Our in-office lab ensures that your retainer or aligner is precisely constructed just for you.  We have three state-of-the-art 3D printers at both our Erie Office and our Longmont Office.

  • Our high resolution printers create the initial model of your teeth.

  • After washing and curing the model, our molding unit uses a high pressure system that pushes into every nook and cranny of your model to create the multi-layered plastics of your fully customized retainers or aligners.

  • We carefully trim, smooth, and buff the edges of your retainers or aligners.

  • Our sanitation process involves spraying, washing, brushing, and washing again to ensure you receive a perfect, pristine appliance.

  • Digital models can be stored and used again if additional appliances are needed or your retainer is lost.

Grin App.png

Hospital-Grade Sterilization

At Patil Orthodontics, we firmly believe virtual check ins can provide an unprecedented level of treatment care with an educated, experienced orthodontist, which is why we offer it to our current and new patients.

The Grin scope and app allows us to check the progress of our current patients. Using their cellphones, patients take and securely submit videos of their teeth between their in-person appointments. We review the images to ensure they are brushing and flossing effectively and that their treatment is staying on track.

We are proud that our office continues to be well ahead of the curve in utilizing advanced sterilization measures. Dr. Patil has always cared deeply about offering the highest quality of care for all of his patients, and he has been particularly attentive to patients of varyingly compromised immune systems.  Our methods of sterilization include:

  • Hospital-grade ulta-sonic washing units for our instruments

  • Multiple levels of rinsing and preparing instruments for sterilized bags and trays

  • Negative pressure systems in each office’s Sterilization Center

  • Medical-grade certified HEPA filters (2 per office)

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