Smile Makeover

Adults braces - braces at any age are worth the results

​One or more of the following goals would be set based on a consultation with Dr. Patil:

  • Reposition drifted or recently re-crowded teeth

  • Boost self confidence

  • Customize appearance of teeth to your lips (smile design)

  • Look amazing in photos and profiles: Wedding, Graduation, Match, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media moments. 

  • Close gaps

  • Decrease chipping and wear to avoid cracked teeth

  • Lessen need for crowns and other reparative dental work

  • Straighten teeth and improve avoiding cavities and gum problems

  • Potentially decrease TMJ and associated headaches

  • Support improved chewing and food digestion for good overall heath

Adult orthodontics has recently become mainstream because healthy teeth can be moved at any age.  The goal is to improve self-esteem, support optimal oral health and an amazing smile.


Adult orthodontics is different than teenage braces because growth and development are complete and the gums and bones around the teeth are not as flexible and pliable.  Not to worry, your goals will be achieved under Dr. Patil’s careful treatment planning, care, skill and judgement.  He has a distinct advantage that he was a smile makeover expert for 12 years before becoming an orthodontist plus he had braces as a teenager and as an adult.  Additionally, he taught doctors and hygienists for 3 ½ years as a lecturer for Johnson and Johnson, Inc. 


Dr. Patil carefully develops a custom treatment plan that spells out direction, rotation and timing for each specific tooth in order to create an optimal fit with all of the other teeth.  As a Board Certified Specialist, he offers individualized smile design through a unique treatment plan for each patient versus applying common treatment templates which is very common in the industry. Specific goals for treatment are set during a consultation with Dr. Patil and will vary based on each individual case. 


Generally, adult orthodontic treatment takes between six and thirty months to complete.  The treatment time will largely depend on the severity of your case and the type of dental devices used. Additionally, longest lasting results occur when the bite is corrected because the fitting of upper to lower teeth act as a lifetime natural retainer.