Keeping that Smile Perfect!

After all the hard work,  this is the exciting moment of when the treatment plan is completed, braces come off and your new smile is revealed!

Perfect teeth

Dr. Patil has his orthodontic labs in his offices so that he can make your retainers that same day and custom fit to your new smile.  The retainer is worn to ensure that the teeth stay in their proper positions and do not begin to shift back to their original positions.  Retainers need to be worn for a specified amount of time per day for a specified time period.


The recommended time period that Dr. Patil is a unique proven method for stabilizing the teeth and jawbone once braces are removed.  He has had very positive results based on an aggressive stabilization period followed by lesser time wearing the retainers over time and potentially not having to wear retainers.

Retainer Checks

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For the next year, we will continue to see you to be certain that your teeth are maintaining their new positions and the retainers are doing their job.  Please bring your retainers to all of your retention appointments so we may check their fit and adjust them if necessary.  Take good care of the retainers, because if they are damaged or lost, there is an additional charge to replace them. 


If your retainers do not fit correctly or you are unable to wear them, please call the office immediately. Not wearing a retainer even for a short period of time may require a new retainer or possibly braces again at the full cost of treatment.

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