"So impressed that they are helping to teach kids the impact and importance of gratitude."


(actual patient)

"Dr. Patil does a wonderful job explaining treatment choices and telling us why they do what they do, as well as taking the time to thoroughly answer any questions. Would definitely recommend Dr. Patil and his friendly, knowledgeable staff!"

Jenna Sickau,


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I highly recommend Dr Patil and his team. My oldest son had a 12 month treatment to expand his jaw to correct crowding, straighten his teeth and resolve his nighttime grinding/clenching issue. We are extremely pleased with all of the results and have recently started our other child in braces with Patil.

I don't want to ruin the wonderful surprise, but I feel it's important that I share this so that you know what type of person Dr Patil is, and what type of values he's instilling in the youth in our community. About a week after my son got his braces off, I received the sweetest Thank You card in the mail from my son. Unbeknownst to me, when they took my son to the back to take X-rays, they provided my son with a blank card. They gave him the option that if he wants to thank his parents for giving him the gift of a beautiful smile, go ahead and write a note and they'll be sure to mail it to them. I was so surprised to receive a heartfelt note in the mail and was so impressed that they are helping to teach kids the impact and importance of gratitude.

Oh, and my son wants to say that staff is so nice and he loved the celebration of getting his braces off and receiving the water bottle filled with the sticky candies that he couldn't have for a year!


"The virtual consultation option made this extremely easy to get the information that I needed without having to schedule an in office appointment. Just answer a few questions and have somebody take some pictures and that's it! They are also very fast in examining my teeth and responding back."

Dr. Patil has done an amazing job with our daughter’s teeth. From expander to braces, the journey has been efficient and super effective. He is a perfectionist and it shows in his approach. His staff is also wonderful! Appointments are easy to make and on time.

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