Growth Observation

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​One or more of the following goals would be set based on a consultation with Dr. Patil:

  • Reduce the need to extract permanent teeth

  • Reduce time spent in teenage braces

  • Support progression to be started in Phase I

  • Support optimal dental progression as baby teeth fall out

  • Active support to correct harmful oral habits

  • Reduce need for headgear

  • Reduce the need for rubber bands later

  • Reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth

  • Guide permanent teeth into more favorable positions

  • Protect adult teeth as they erupt and grow

  • Utilize increased compliance before the busy teenage years

  • Increase stability of final treatment results 

Dr. Patil and his staff have so much fun with the kids, and are very educational! I have referred many friends here and I will continue to! They are also very helpful when it comes to explaining insurance, and all the financials!  - Healthgrades Patient Review

The goal of Growth Observation is to closely monitor the child’s dental development according to Dr. Patil’s customized growth plan and determine the best time to start treatment with braces.  Specific goals for treatment are set during a consultation with Dr. Patil and will vary based on each individual case. 


During this time we evaluate baby teeth and the permanent teeth that replace them. Dr. Patil monitors the timing and order that the baby teeth are lost as this can help permanent teeth come in straighter.  We have seen that doing this proactively may result in reduced treatment time by months and even years.


If the patient has had retainers bonded to their teeth, we want to be sure that they remain in the correct position while growth develops.  If the retainer becomes lost or loose, the teeth will move out of place and will undo what was achieved in Phase I.  We want to be able to check the condition of the retainers and correct any issues as quickly as possible. 


If we used space maintainers, the purpose is to hold space open so that a permanent tooth can come through.  Dr. Patil monitors the eruption of those permanent teeth so that we can remove the space maintainers at the right time.

Missing these types of appointments can result in missing the best window to start treatment which may lead to elongated treatment time.  These no fee visits are approximately every three to six months apart.  We monitor permanent teeth eruption and jaw growth, as well as maintenance of Phase I results.  Phase II recommendations will occur at the conclusion of this Growth Observation period.